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Please note: not all projects are in the shop long enough to document, photograph, and implement into our website. We try to keep our website up to date with the latest and greatest achievements, but sometimes, time and space do not permit us to do so.
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2011 Pin Up Project
A complicated project involving an old Classic Buick, and a good looking girl. It was tough... but here it is! more
1997 evolution engine
1997 Harley Davidson
Engine Hop-Up with Compression Release, New Pistons, Rings, Complete Top-End Rebuild
72 buick gs skylark
1972 Buick Skylark GS
Engine build up for a 1972 Skylark GS 455. We took this big block GS and built a new 10 to 1 short block more
1967 olds cutlass tubbed
1967 Olds Cutlass RaceCar
The complete roll cage process from start to finish.
A detailed photo-process documented for your enjoyment. more


Mike Modena and Modena Motorsports

About Modena Motorsports
Modena Motorsports is a direct business venture spawning from Mike Modena Racing specializing in engine performance.
Modena Motorsports offers professional race-proven engine schematics, installation, and all around performance for all makes and models of American Engines. Performance tuning and professional knowledge over the course of 25 years of racing and car restoration is what Modena Motorsports has over all other "garages" around the valley.
Passion for Speed!
Modena Motorsports has competed on a local level, and on a national level for over 25 years. From the up-starts of street racing, to a full professional racing team and 800hp Professional Drag Race Car, Modena Motorsports has racing in its blood. It's been years of dedication, patience, compassion, and education to achieve the level of success like Mike Modena Racing has.
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Dedication to Detail
Just look at our Project Gallery, and we are sure you will see the attention to detail when it comes to engine performance. We do not do anything to any project that we wouldn't do to our own vehicles.

We cater to and provide the following:

• Classic Car Collectors in need of extra TLC
• Race Enthusiasts seeking the "Next Phase"
• Basket - Case Restorations and Custom Modifications
• Surgical Operations Requiring Skill and Craftsmanship


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